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Other Works

Robin has written many hundreds of poems of which a number have appeared in small poetry magazines and a few journals. Unfortunately none are currently in print, and for copyright reasons we are unable to reproduce any here. However, it is hoped that this situation may change in the not too distant future, when a volume of selected poetry is being planned.

It was in the mid-Nineties that Robin went to pick up the pen again, in the first instance to write poetry, but instead embarked on a novel of some quarter of a million words, though it was edited considerably for publication. Not happy with such a long laborious work, once completed Robin started writing again and reconsidered what he wanted to achieve by such a work of art.

The result was 'The Dark Mirror of Desire' which was revised many times in the course of the past ten years.

Robin is, in the first instance a writer of fiction, however, his insight into human nature is somewhat unique and often perceptive. This at times leaves his characters (especially in his latest novel) with an air of both mystery and tragedy and it is in the appreciation of this that somehow we find ourselves witnesses to something which is refreshingly different, even if we do not realise it at the time.

Shangri-La (and all that!)

March 1969

The Knights of the Square Table
May 1969
The Idyll
August 1969
From the Dead City
November 1969
The Million Turnings
July 1970
Wind, Fire and Hair
September 1971
Cathy's Book
March 1972
The Chords of Fame
August 1972
New Routes
March 1973
February 1974
January 1975
These Days Will Be Held Together By the Rain (Unfinished)
July 1981


Gas in Swindon (A short history)
July 1986
The Wilkey Family of Bath and London (Release 2)
November 2006